Stewardship Development Coaching

The aim of Stewardship Development Coaching (SDC) is to assist Florida Baptist Churches in building discipling cultures of stewardship & generosity in within their churches. SDC will leverage the best of your church, reflect your values, DNA, and establish effective tools to further build disciples. SDC will also assist in realizing more of the financial resources necessary to move the vision and mission of your church forward.

Our 3 Primary Areas of focus are: Communication, Conversations, and Systems.

Communication will focus on how we speak to the church in macro and micro formats. This includes Sunday mornings, weekday, contribution summaries, and digital presences.

Conversations will focus on how to have appropriate discipling conversations with your church in group formats, Sunday mornings, among leadership teams, staff, Boards, and  1:1.

 Systems will focus on building, expanding, and leveraging the various platforms in how to give to your church in addition to worship in the weekend venues.  

Stewardship Development Coaching happens in cohorts because…

  • We learn better when we are in a community of our peers. We learn better when we learn as part of a group. This format is designed to provide active, interactive, and dynamic setting for us to grow in our knowledge and skills. This cohort will bring churches together to build community, foster creativity, build leadership skills, encourage progress, and develop best practices for your ministry context.
  • The SDC will be a group comprised of 10 churches at a time: 2 persons per church, per cohort.
  • Frequency of meeting: We will be meeting once a month as a cohort for 3-4 months. These cohort sessions will last 90 minutes.

 SDC follow up happens 1:1 because…

  •  Each church will have a 1:1 check in (via zoom or in person) with the moderator each month (post cohort meeting) to talk about specifics on implementation in your church and context. That’s another 60-90 minutes a month.
  • It's like having a stewardship pastor that you can count on during the learning experience.

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