Investment & Endowment Management

The Florida Baptist Foundation has been a trusted partner since 1947 to churches and Christian organizations. The Foundation provides management of long-term investment needs, along with serving as the trustee or custodian for revocable, irrevocable, endowment, and scholarship funds.

We serve as a steward for the funds on behalf of your organization. The foundation has a sound, institutional investment approach to managing money. Each portfolio is structured to meet the overall objectives of each portfolio. We will work with the church and its committee to determine which approach and portfolio is appropriate for them. The Foundation reviews the risk associated with each asset class within each of its portfolios.

Our investment process is founded upon three core principles: 

  • Asset allocation (or how the investments are structured) is the most crucial decision in the construction of a portfolio 
  • Downside protection is important within each portfolio 
  • Transparency in all areas of investing is important 

We work to employ these core principles, along with our institutional consultant in the daily management of the portfolios. Multiple professional money managers are employed in the structure of each portfolio. The investment process makes the Foundation as academically sound as any secular institution or endowment, which provides similar services. 

With an abundance of advice, it is an essential part of our ministry to operate in a proven process built on our core Christian beliefs, while providing sound professional management of the God's resources, for God's people. 

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